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20 November 2019
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20 November 2019
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Family First, On the 25th of December


When you are longing to return to that time of year when everything seems to be more joyful: the streets brighten up with sparkling colours, the decorations embellish the city and you breathe a magical air. You spend time with your loved ones, you travel to go back home or you stay in the same place as usual. You can take airplanes, trains, cars to travel miles or you can cross the city by car listening to a Christmas play list. You knock on the door only with some good food in your hand, either sweet or salty: the only thing that matters is that it will be shared.

Family First is the Italian Christmas, it is the smell of my family sitting around the table tasting the typical desserts, it is the chaos of people unwrapping gifts, toasting to good intentions, playing cards and laughing at the top of their lungs. It’s the family that reunites, composed by relatives, friends, acquaintances and children… It’s the magic that you expect all year round for it to come, and that you always hope never goes away.


A fragrance with spicy and slightly vanilla-like tones, which gives warmth and sweetness.

Olfactory notes: Sweet orange, spices, crispy almond.

• Wax: We use pure soy wax.
• Wick: Cotton.
• Net weight: 250gr.
• Burn time approximately: 40 hours.
• Vegan: Yes.
• Fragrance: The best choice from a selection of natural and synthetic raw materials, for a beautiful  long lasting and gentle scent. Each fragrance is IFRA approved.
• Olfactory family: Gourmand/spicy.
• Glass material: Shiny Glass, recycle.
• Glass size: Height 93mm, Diameter 78 mm.

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