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20 November 2019
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Sunday Morning, The Peace


Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning. The house is silent and from the huge windows you can catch a glimpse of the sun as it gets higher and higher. In the kitchen, the scent of the berry tart prepared the night before still lingers; you sit at the table and feel peace surrounding you. This is a little ritual to relax and recharge, before plunging into the turmoil of a new day.

When I was a little girl, Sunday was the day when we were all together, had long lunches, ate desserts, played in the yard, did our homework for the next day and went to parties… In short… Sunday was named “Saint” and was eagerly awaited throughout the whole week. Sometimes, however, this habit came to be lacking, because my family used to work on this festive day above all, therefore, after making a few small renounces, I would start studying Italian literature for the following day, and very often it meant memorizing a poem by G. Rodari. Once I had fulfilled my duty, I would reward myself with a dessert, which was often just a berry tart. Everything stopped in that moment. I was happy, and that, for me, was my Sunday morning peace.


Gourmand fragrance, slightly flowery, giving peace and well-being.

Olfactory notes: juicy berries, hints of flowery bouquet a gentle vanilla scent.

• Wax: We use pure soy wax.
• Wick: Cotton.
• Net weight: 250gr.
• Burn time approximately: 40 hours.
• Vegan: Yes.
• Fragrance: The best choice from a selection of natural and synthetic raw materials, for a beautiful  long lasting and also gentle scent. Each fragrance is IFRA approved.
• Olfactory family: Gourmand.
• Glass material: Shiny Glass, recycle.
• Glass size: Height 93mm, Diameter 78 mm.

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